Carvel Ice Cream and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) are teaming up on a campaign called Captain Carvel’s Healthy Action Heroes designed to raise children’s awareness of an active lifestyle and nutritional education.

As part of the program, Carvel corporate employees were certified by NASPE as trainers in “Sport for All,” a program designed for an after-school or daycare setting in which children practice sport-related skills.

In addition, Carvel will work with its franchisees and NASPE in a grassroots effort to help elementary schools raise money for playground and athletic equipment. With a systemwide launch scheduled for 2005, the initiative is being piloted in Atlanta and Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

A nonprofit membership organization of over 18,000 professionals in the fitness and physical activity fields, NASPE is dedicated to strengthening basic knowledge about sport and physical education among professionals and the general public.

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