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    Cascades Launches Alternative to Polycoated Packaging

  • Industry News June 19, 2014

    Cascades announced the launch of Respak, the ecological answer to the environmental challenge of polycoated packaging products. Designed primarily for the food and foodservices industries, Respak is recyclable and compostable, without compromising on the performance and durability characteristic of traditional polycoated packaging.

    Well known for its resistance, polycoated cardboard is widely used around the world. Unfortunately, it is not recyclable. Every minute, as much as two tons of polycoated cardboard are used, enough to cover the Empire State Building 3 times per hour, or 72 times a day. Respak is an ecological alternative that is recyclable, compostable, and made from 50 percent recycled fibres. Respak has a barrier that repels water, oil, and grease as efficiently as ordinary polycoated cardboard.

    “The development of Respak goes hand in hand with the company’s values of respect for the environment and innovation that have made Cascades a leader in eco-friendly packaging for 50 years,” says Marc-André Dépin, president and chief executive officer of Norampac, the Cascades group specializing in packaging solutions. “As the designers and producers of Respak, we are very pleased to be the first to offer the packaging and food industries, as well as consumers, a green alternative that will significantly reduce the impact of food consumption on waste.” Based on results from a preliminary life cycle assessment, Respak’s environmental impact is 50 percent less than that of the polycoated cardboard currently in use.

    Respak complies with the main food safety standards, including those established by the Food and Drug Administration for packaging that comes in contact with dry, aqueous, and fatty foods. Respak is elemental chlorine free and FSC-certified. 


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