There are three simple ways brick-and-mortar establishments can increase their mobile redemptions as much as 500 to 800 percent according to a new blog by Mowingo, "Boosting Mobile Redemptions 8X." 

"We've seen in-app sports activations in Baltimore, Portland, and Spokane average 57 percent more active users than markets that don't offer these sports-linked deals," says Daniel Dreymann, co-founder and CEO of Mowingo. "Some of these stores have seen five to eight times more in-store redemptions during a 24-hour window. It's based on three simple rules: think nationally; leverage our platform; and then engage locally." The case study involving McDonald's was featured in the recent issue of Mobile Commerce Daily.

The blog points out that restaurants and retailers have a huge advantage over their online counterparts: the ability to leverage their place in the community and tailor their promotions based on local activities. 

"Grounding national campaigns in local experiences is a surefire way to boost mobile redemption and sales," Dreymann adds. "While 'think nationally, act locally' is far from a new concept, too many national marketers and advertising agencies are reluctant or completely against giving the people closest to their customers the control over their local promotions. What has been missing from the equation is the technology that allows headquarters the control and regional or local management the action. We've solved that problem."

The company is a sponsor of the upcoming Media Post IoT: Beacons conference and will be talking about additional local promotion ideas that leverage beacons to drive in-store engagement and sales. The conference is going to be held in Chicago at The Metropolitan Club on Tuesday, February 10 and features several major spokespeople in the industry. Chuck Martin, best-selling author and columnist, is the MC for the conference and will be interviewing several keynote speakers on stage as part of the program.

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