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    Cash In On a Corn Dog at Wienerschnitzel

  • Industry News March 28, 2011

    Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, has upped-the-ante for its second annual “Cash in on a Corn Dog” sweepstakes and, in spirit of their 50th  anniversary, will be giving away $50,000 in large cash prizes, “Wiener bucks,” and free corn dogs. 

    Beginning March 28, customers can “Eat it, Read it, Win it.” All they need to do is purchase and “eat” a corn dog, “read” the wooden stick to check for a prize or code, and redeem the prize if they “win.” Wienerschnitzel anticipates approximately one out of every five customers will have a chance to win a prize ranging from a free corn dog to $10,000. 

    “We view our 50th anniversary milestone as a great opportunity to have some fun with our customers and express our appreciation for the support they’ve shown us over the years,” says Tom Amberger, vice president of marketing for Wienerschnitzel. “Combining our reputation as ‘Home of the 79-cent Corn Dog, Every Darn Day’ with exciting cash and prize giveaway opportunities is a great way to reward our loyal customers.”
    During the “Cash In On a Corn Dog” sweepstakes, every corn dog purchased provides guests the chance to win one of thousands of prizes, including $10,000, $1000, or $500 in cash; $5 in “Wiener Bucks;” or a free corn dog. 
    Customers that receive a stick printed with a 10-digit code can enter the code online at and register for the chance to win one of the cash prize amounts. Official rules for the sweepstakes are available on Wienerschnitzel’s corn dog bags, including directions on how guests can request a free corn dog stick by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the sweepstakes’ office.  
    The “Cash in on a Corn Dog” sweepstakes is available at participating locations only. The contest will run through May 28 or until supplies last, and customers can redeem prizes until June 30.
    The “Cash in on a Corn Dog” sweepstakes will be supported with television and radio advertising, direct mail, social media, and in-store point-of-purchase materials.