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    Catering Boosts Smiling Moose Sales

  • Industry News April 2, 2011

    Smiling Moose Deli experienced a record-setting effort in 2010 for catering sales, and credits a fully customizable ‘made-to-order’ menu, backed by tremendous customer service, as the reason for their success.   

    “First and foremost, our customers love our catering because they love our food. We don’t pre-make sandwiches and wait for an order,” says Smiling Moose Deli franchise president, Kevin Sloane. “The only way to cater a fresh meal is to make it the same day.”

    Whether feeding three or 3,000, Sloane says Smiling Moose Deli catering team can work with a range of budgets because of the diverse menu offering. From a pan of family-style Lasagna to the award-winning sandwich line, the Moose can also accommodate vegetarians, as well as individuals with nut or gluten allergies, with their sandwiches, wraps, and salads.   

    Smiling Moose Deli catering customers include organizers of business meetings, educational classes, community events, fundraisers, sports teams, and a host of private events. Taking the catering program one step further, the Moose offers large volume catering customers an unprecedented Large Catering Reward Program, which applies 5 percent of the sale to the organizers personal gift card as a show of appreciation for their business.

    Offering great food and going out of their way to make an event memorable has simultaneously generated between 20%-25% more sales volume for each Smiling Moose Deli location. This aspect of the business offers a greater opportunity for success to each store owner, which  might have something to do with the five new stores opening this year in Boulder; Colorado; Midland, Texas; Bozeman, Montana; Evansville, Indiana; Gillette, Wyoming; and Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas.