Cauldron Ice Cream, the innovative ice cream shop out of Santa Ana, California, is now expanding through franchising with the help of newly enlisted development partner, Fransmart. Cauldron Ice Cream has seen rapid success in its home market by incorporating cutting edge technology and techniques into flavorful desserts and menu items. By combining the two, Cauldron has created a new dessert experience for all.

Founding partners Terence Lioe and Desiree Le reinvented the way ice cream was made and presented to customers by utilizing liquid nitrogen to create creamy and delicious homemade ice cream right in the store. Lioe and Le first learned of this process while on vacation in Singapore and instantly knew American consumers would enjoy seeing fresh ice cream made before their eyes in minutes.

This unique process was just the start of Cauldron’s unique innovations. The shop’s signature ice cream accessory is the Puffle Cone, a pancake-like cone puffed with pockets of air, inspired by Hong Kong’s popular “egg waffle” street snack. The Santa Ana based concept also ensures repeat customer visit by introducing new and inventive flavors every month.

“We saw a segment which had not changed for decades and realized we could use technology to re-create it. We take an innovative approach to everything we do at Cauldron,” says Lioe. “Our goal is to re-imagine the ice cream experience for customers and introduce them to a new world of dessert possibilities. We’re confident it’s a concept which can successfully be grown to new markets and consumers through franchising.”

Cauldron is currently looking for experienced and enthusiastic multi-unit food service operators to develop franchise territories in major markets across the United States and internationally.

Fransmart will serve as Cauldron’s exclusive franchise development partner and is the franchise development company behind the explosive growth of brands like Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

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