Last month, CAVA ran its first ever Guest Custom Contest in which three participants were chosen as the top winners for their custom bowl creations, highlighting the creative customization options that fast-casual spots like CAVA can provide. For a limited time, from today, May 20th until June 2nd, CAVA is adding three winning bowls to its digital menu!

  • JONATHAN’S CUSTOM BOWL: Jonathan’s custom bowl, or as he calls it, a “classic” combo consists of half braised lamb, half grilled chicken with Crazy Feta, two scoops tzatziki, pickled onions, tomato + onion, cucumber, tomato + cucumber, kalamata olives, romaine, spinach, and yogurt dill dressing.
    • Jonathan is from Costa Mesa, CA and graduated from Chapman University last year
  • CHLOE’S CUSTOM BOWL: Chloe’s go-to custom bowl; chef and grandma(!) approved is made up of half falafel, half chicken, along with tzatziki, hummus, roasted eggplant, pickled onions, cabbage slaw, crumbled feta, pita crisps, romaine, Splendid Greens, saffron basmati rice, and yogurt dill dressing.
    • Chloe currently lives in Los Angeles and is originally from Englewood, CO
  • NAT’S CUSTOM BOWL: Nat’s “scientifically-proven” best custom bowl mixes together half grilled chicken, half roasted veggies, in addition to tzatziki, hummus, fiery broccoli, fire-roasted corn, two scoops pickled onions, tomato + cucumber, cabbage slaw, crumbled feta, Super Greens, and yogurt dill dressing.
    • Nat is from Lawrenceville, GA; currently attends college in Chattanooga, TN
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