CAVA, the category-defining Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant brand, launched Grilled Steak, a new menu item available at CAVA’s locations across the country.

CAVA’s Grilled Steak is grass-fed and pasture-raised, seasoned with bold Mediterranean spices like sun-dried tomato powder and smoky Aleppo pepper and fired on the grill in every restaurant.

“Our Grilled Steak was two years in the making and, like everything on our menu, is rooted in our Mediterranean heritage and made with unique flavors and the highest-quality ingredients,” says Ted Xenohristos, Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer at CAVA. “We wanted to create something people can’t get anywhere else, that’s elevated, but also accessible to everyone.”

Grilled Steak can be added to any custom order, extending CAVA’s more than 17 billion possible combinations, and is featured in two new curated menu items. The Steak Mezze Salad is a light, refreshing bowl with Grilled Steak, crumbled feta, fire-roasted corn, tzatziki, red pepper hummus, pickled onions, arugula, baby spinach, garlic dressing, and Greek vinaigrette. CAVA’s new Steak + Feta Pita is the brand’s Mediterranean take on a steak and cheese sandwich and includes Grilled Steak, Crazy Feta, feta, red pepper hummus, pickles, garlic dressing, Greek vinaigrette, and romaine.

“With Grilled Steak, our exceptional culinary team has fulfilled guests’ desire for a beef option on the menu, done the Mediterranean way,” says Brett Schulman, Co-Founder and CEO at CAVA. “We saw a great response to Grilled Steak in our market tests and expect our unique take on this beloved protein gives consumers yet another reason to visit CAVA and come back more often.”

In addition to Grilled Steak, CAVA will continue to offer its chef-curated Spicy Greens Bowl and fan-favorite Strawberry Citrus juice throughout the summer.

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