Cava, a leading Mediterranean culinary brand, opened its seventh restaurant in California at 3201 South Hoover in Los Angeles Tuesday, with another to open early next year in Mission Viejo.

USC Village is Cava’s 34th restaurant and part of a series of openings in 2017 that will take the number of locations nationwide to over 40, ranging from suburban to city center restaurants, a testament to the universal appeal of the food and experience on offer. “We believe that food should not be a flat routine; rather a bold lifestyle. We’re excited to bring the vibrant, Mediterranean flavors of Cava to USC’s diverse culinary community,” says CEO, Brett Schulman.

On opening day, Cava is holding a community lunch, a tradition that started with the very first restaurant opening back in 2011, but is rooted in the heritage of the founders. “Sharing a meal was part of our culture and how we welcomed our new neighbors growing up,” says co-founder Ted Xenohristos. “People can join Cava for free lunch and pay it forward with a donation to Garden School Foundation, their local non-profit partner, which dedicates itself to education through garden-based learning in outdoor living classrooms.”

The newest location features Cava’s summer menu, which launched on June 19th, with seasonal additions including a white bean salad, spicy apricot dressing and a refreshing line-up of bold-flavored, house-made juices.

Cava recently launched its next generation digital ordering platform giving locals the convenience they need when ordering CAVA. It is available for download on IOS at the Apple iTunes store and Android at the Google Play store.

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