Cava is partnering with NY Shuk to launch a new Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette, available at all CAVA locations starting on June 28. CAVA will also release a new chef-curated Lemon Chicken bowl, using the new dressing.

As consumers continue to seek out authentic spices and flavor, CAVA and NY Shuk are dedicated to fulfilling the growing craving for Mediterranean cuisine and spice, while preserving and innovating around their heritage. Using NY Shuk’s Preserved Lemon Paste, the collaborative Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette packs a punch of citrus and umami flavor into a vinaigrette dressing that pairs exquisitely with CAVA’s Mediterranean offerings.

Both founded with roots in the Levant region by chefs inspired by their time in the restaurant industry, the partnership celebrates CAVA and NY Shuk’s parallel paths to building businesses with rich culinary culture at the foundation, offering even more vibrant, Mediterranean flavor to the masses.

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