On Friday, Feb. 17, CBS’ Undercover Boss featured several Checkers and Rally’s restaurants, who have participated in a major roll out of HME Electronics, Inc. (HME) Zoom timer systems.

One restaurant in particular is also shown using HME’s new ION IQ All-in-One drive-thru headset system. Together, the systems help improve drive-thru communication, speed of service times, and customer satisfaction.

Undercover Boss features top executives in disguise, working on the front lines of a company’s operations to reveal areas for improvement.

Checkers and Rally’s CEO Rick Silva was featured traveling to numerous restaurants locations around the country, and then using his experiences to guide future decision-making involving the company. HME is pleased to be a long-time partner with Checkers and Rally’s and looks forward to assisting in the effort to enhance their customer’s drive-thru experience.

Over 200 Checkers and Rally’s restaurants have installed or will be installing HME’s Zoom timer system.

The system not only gives Checkers and Rally’s Team Members a dashboard display with a clock to help them manage their efficiency, but also provides managers complete visibility into every aspect of the operation.

This gives them the ability to view multiple drive-thru points simultaneously, identify problems as they occur, and take action to keep cars moving.

The ION IQ AIO drive-thru headset system, seen prominently on the show, is one of HME’s latest innovations. The ION IQ AIO features groundbreaking sound enhancement technologies and restaurant management capabilities, and is the smallest all-in-one headset ever. The headset and the Zoom timer systems continue to help two of America’s well-known quick service restaurant brands to serve its customers quickly and efficiently.

To view the show in its entirety visit http://www.cbs.com/shows/undercover_boss/.

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