Celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn is joining millions of others around the world who have taken the pledge to be vegan this January as part of the popular “Veganuary” campaign. Veganuary is a non profit that originally launched in the UK with the goal of inspiring people and companies all over the world to take the 31 day Veganuary pledge and go vegan for the month.

“Veganuary is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to move towards a healthier diet or reduce their carbon footprint to enjoy more amazing plant-based food this year,” Mendelsohn says. “I’m joining my vegan wife Cody and millions of others around the world this month to show people how delicious, easy and fun a vegan diet can be.”

Mendlesohn, who recently opened his 7th PLNT Burger in 2020, credits Veganuary as an event that everyone can get behind. “Going plant-based for a month is a win-win: a win for the environment because consuming less industrialized animal products means there is less water used, less carbon dioxide emissions and less land needed, and a win for our health because of all the added benefits that come from eating a plant-based diet,” Mendelsohn adds.

“Veganuary is here to encourage and support anyone who wants to try vegan,” says Veganuary’s US Director Wendy Matthews. “We are grateful to work with restaurants like PLNT Burger who make our mission significantly easier for the growing number of conscious consumers in the US by offering delicious, satisfying, sustainable options.”

In celebration of Veganuary, Chef Spike and his team at PLNT Burger have big plans like half-price cheeseburgers ($3.95) while supplies last, $5 off all orders when you download the PLNT Burger app, and new menu items! Chef Spike will surprise customers with a one-day-only Breakfast Sandwich pop-up using Beyond Meat breakfast sausages, Follow Your Heart cheese and the plant-based egg substitute, Just Egg. The pop-up will be at all 7 PLNT Burger locations, starting at 8 AM on Wednesday, January 14th.

In addition to the pop-up breakfast, PLNT Burger will be launching its meatiest and juiciest burger yet, The Steakhouse Burger, on January 25.

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