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    Champion Industries Designs Dishwasher for Tall Equipment

  • Industry News September 19, 2012


    Champion Industries, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial ware washing systems, expands its line of door type dishwashing machines with the new DH5000T Dual NSF listed dishwasher and pot/pan washer designed especially to accommodate taller cooking equipment including sheet pans and large pots and pans.
    The Energy Star certified DH5000T high temperature hood-type dishwashing machine features sloped hood, electronic controls, rinse sentry, user-friendly auto start, interchangeable stainless steel wash and rinse arms, up to 55 racks/hour, and uses only 0.89 gallons of water per rack. 
    Champion’s patent pending Tri-Rinse System pinpoints rinse water onto the dishes, keeping the energy and water consumption at low levels. Also standard is the Rinse Sentry technology that ensures the rinse temperature is always correct, as well as a single point connection and signal connections for chemicals, and vent fan signal. The machine is field convertible from three to single phase or from straight to corner operation.
    The new DH5000T can be combined with Condensate Removal or Direct Vent options. The Condensate Removal option removes heat and water vapor at the end of a cycle, transferring the normally exhausted heat to the heating booster. The Direct Vent option is an industry exclusive that allows the unit to vent directly to the outside removing steam and heat, not conditioned air.