Champs Chicken, a nationwide branded food program from Pro Food Systems Inc. (PFS), is adding more sizzle to its consumer experience. The company debuted its newly redesigned website, showcasing an improved navigation system, engaging content, and a new company logo.

Created with both retailers and customers in mind, the revamped website aims to offer a user-friendly experience by featuring enhanced food photography of menu items, easy access to nutritional information, helpful insights for retailers interested in partnering with Champs Chicken, and responsive technology to enable visitors to view the website easily on tablets and mobile devices.

“A website is truly the front porch of any business,” says Mia Platz, marketing manager for PFS. “The goal of the site was to inform the entire community about the range of Champs Chicken products, entice them with imagery and then help them easily find a location. The site can also be a one-stop informational resource for Champ Chicken retailers, saving them valuable time and providing vital tools for success.”

Re-launching the website prompted another big change for Champs Chicken—redesigning their logo, which has been with the company since its inception in 1998.

“The main driver behind this change was to make the artwork more modern and the Champs Chicken character more recognizable and prominent,” says Carl Christenson, vice president of marketing for PFS.  “We also wanted to stay true to our roots and the image that has taken us so far.”

“While it’s undeniable that the old logo and website played key roles in our growth, the time has come for a change,” adds Shawn Burcham, CEO and president of PFS. “I believe this new presentation will appeal to a larger audience and help us to achieve our goal of opening 5,000 stores.”

Brandigm Communications of Springfield, Missouri, and GreyGoo, a digital design firm from Chicago, collaborated with PFS on the project.

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