Checkers and Rally’s are now offering new Kool-Aid Slushies. The icy treats launched in May 2016 as part of the new Chill Stop frozen beverage menu. Available in Tropical Punch and Blue Raspberry, two favorite flavors from the second best-selling powdered drink brand,the drinks are available nationwide at $1.79 for a 16-ounce cup and $2.29 for 20 ounces.

The Tampa-based chain previously had milkshakes on the menu, but the Chill Stop menu and the partnership with Kraft Heinz Foods Company and its Kool-Aid brand allows Checkers and Rally’s to expand beverage purchases into nontraditional dayparts and satisfy growing consumer demand for flavorful frozen beverages any time.

The nostalgia of the Kool-Aid brand resonates with Checkers and Rally’s Fast Foodie consumers, who actively follow new menu rollouts and look forward to twists on the classics. A proprietary study found that 71 percent of Checkers and Rally’s patrons love or like the Kool-Aid brand, 35 percent more than the total general population.

“Kool-Aid was a natural partnership for the Fast Foodies frequenting Checkers and Rally’s,” says Ted Burke, brand manager for foodservice cold beverages at the Kraft Heinz Foods Company. “The brand is iconic and sparks good memories for many people, which makes for a fun, craveable product that inspires conversation. As the new Checkers and Rally’s tag line says, ‘Fast Foodies Know the Deal.’”

That conversation has been making a splash online and in Checkers and Rally’sstores. Kool-Aid Slushies are now the second-most discussed Checkers and Rally’sproduct behind the brands’ Famous Fries on their social media channels.

Scott Wakeman, senior marketing director for Checkers and Rally’s, is optimistic about the future of Kool-Aid products on the menu and how they resonate with customers. 

“We knew our guests had a strong affinity for the Kool-Aid brand, but the success of these products has exceeded even our high expectations,” he says. “And given the overwhelming response we’ve seen on social media, we expect the momentum to continue through the summer and beyond.”

In store, Kool-Aid Slushies are now more than 2 percent of the Checkers and Rally’s sales mix, with an average of 207 slushies sold per restaurant per week.



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