In a world full of copycats, Checkers/Rally’s restaurants have challenged the competition to be original. When Burger King announced its hot dog launch at $1.99, Checkers/Rally’s decided to smack down the king. The iconic brand is now offering its dogs at just $0.79 each to remind the world that Checkers/Rally’s has been cooking up hand-grilled hot dogs made with 100 percent beef for more than 30 years.

“When Burger King made their announcement, we laughed,” says CMO Terri Snyder. “We’re engaged in a fun, aggressive and provocative Wiener War with Burger King. And it’s a war we plan to win. You can get one of our great dogs for less than half the price of theirs. This is the kind of big bold flavor at an amazing value our brand has always stood for, from hot dogs to burgers to ice cream and across our entire menu.”

As the frontrunner in the Wiener War, the 800-plus unit Checkers/Rally’s chain ignited the battle with a full-page advertisement in USA Today.

“We’re ready for the fight,” says Rick Silva, president and CEO. “We’re a proven brand that’s getting bigger every day because of our dedication to flavor and value.”

Bold flavor at an unbelievable value is the name of the game at Checkers & Rally’s, and it’s something guests are responding to in a big way. Guests are drawn to the brand’s constant menu innovation and product development, as the brand continues to add craveable menu selections and introduce daring flavors to its fans. In addition to its hot dogs and chili dogs, Checkers & Rally’s serves up fan favorites like the original Big Buford, Baconzilla, Famous Seasoned Fries, and even snacks like Monsterella Stix and Cold Creations. 

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