Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc., the nation’s largest chain of double drive- thru restaurants, announces the launch of its new creative brand campaign.

The campaign, which was created by New York-based agency Amalgamated, promotes the brand’s key attribute: the quick and efficient Double Drive-thru system. The television campaign kicks off today, May 15th, 2006, with the first in a series of 8 tongue-in-cheek television spots set to run in Checkers/Rally’s markets across the country.

“Two is better than one, and that’s the philosophy behind Checkers/Rally’s double drive-thrus,” said Richard S. Turer, Vice President of Marketing for Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. “Our double drive-thrus provide greater convenience to our guests and allow our guests to receive their orders faster, fresher and hotter. Our new ‘Double Drive-Thru’ campaign demonstrates this key point of difference, while having a little fun along the way.”

In the television spots, the left and right side drive-thrus of Checkers/Rally’s Double Drive-Thru engage in some “friendly” competition. The ads play up the QSR chain’s fast-paced service element while showcasing its high quality, high value food offerings.

“This platform — a mock battle between the two sides — allows Checkers/Rally’s to play up the retail messaging of great food at a great price while tapping into the fun, irreverent and entertaining personality of the brand,” says Charles Rosen, Managing Director at Amalgamated.

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