Checkers Drive-In
Restaurants, Inc., the nation’s largest chain of double drive-
thru restaurants, today announced a new limited time offer: Checkers/Rally’s Loaded Fries.

“Our seasoned fries are consistently ranked as some of the best in the
business, and they’ve always been a guest favorite,” said Adam Noyes, vice
president of development and operations services. “Our test results for Loaded
Fries were phenomenal, and we’re excited to give our guests new ways to enjoy
our fries by loading on the flavor, while we stay true to Checkers/Rally’s
brand of high-quality products at a great value.”

From now through February 12, 2006, at participating locations, guests can
choose Bacon Cheddar, Chili Cheese, or Bacon Ranch-topped seasoned fries, or
go fully loaded with Checkers/Rally’s new Bacon Cheddar Ranch fries. The
loaded fries start at $1.99 with fully loaded fries priced at $2.29. Prices
may vary by location. Guests can also choose to load their fries that come
with any Checkers/Rally’s combo meal.

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