Checkers Drive-in Restaurants, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHKR) announced today that it plans to begin building new stores after limiting development over the past two years. Kullman Industries has designed and will supply a new double drive-thru modular building for use in developing new Checkers and Rally’s locations.

Daniel J. Dorsch, president and C.E.O., of Checkers Drive-in Restaurants, Inc., said, “For more than two years, Checkers had limited its building of new stores in order to give our full attention to improving the operations and increasing the profitability of our stores. Now, Checkers Drive-in Restaurants is pleased to announce that we are well positioned to begin expanding again. In partnership with Kullman Industries, we will expand with these new, state-of-the-art, double drive-thru stores.”

The retro-look stores are factory constructed, modular units that allow for easy installation. The modular design means a restaurant can be fully operational within as little as two weeks after arrival on-site. Construction project schedules can be cut by as much as 50%. These units can be relocated as well, if it becomes necessary.

The first of the Rally’s modular buildings has been constructed, installed, and is fully operational in Birmingham, Alabama.

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