Utah’s burger boy, Chef Nick Watts hasn’t forgotten the neighborhood that helped make the Chedda Burger dream a reality. In fact, he’s coming back to where it all began, this time with street-cred. Chedda Burger is set to open its third location on December 5 in Lehi.

The Chedda Burger story was ignited by the turn of a key, literally. Chef Watts founded The Chedda Truck in 2012 with a love for food that pushed the boundaries of traditional burgers. The result? A menu of burgers with unique flavor combinations you can’t find anywhere else. His passion for creating street-style burgers has grown from a guy in a truck to, soon, three locations across the greater Salt Lake area.

The Lehi Location will be a homecoming for the Cheddar Burger team as they finally put roots down in the neighborhood that birthed the Chedda Burger dream— Equipped now with “street cred” to prove Chedda Burger really is the best burger in the Salt Lake City. This new location on Chef Watts’ “home turf” will begin a new chapter of the Cheddar Burger story and will feature a re-imagined menu and neighborly collaboration with Provo darling, Rockwell Ice Cream. Known for it’s unique menu and fresh ingredients, Rockwell is the perfect dessert compliment to Chedda Burger.

The Chedda Burger team said they “Decided it’s time the Valley’s favorite local burger joint bridge the divide between Salt Lake City and Utah County—the whole 15 minute divide—and come home to where the Chedda Truck first changed the burger game.”

Chedda Burger Lehi, located at 1899 W Traverse Pkwy Lehi, Utah, will serve up more shmancy than fancy burgers to neighbors for the first time at an exclusive VIP evening on December 4 and open its doors to the public on December 5.




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