Cheeseburger Bobby’s guests have fellow burger connoisseur Lindsay Stippich to thank for the gourmet burger brand’s summer limited time offerings. The Baja Burger and the Baja Chicken Sandwich are being served now through August 31. To complement these summertime favorites, Cheeseburger Bobby’s is also bringing back its famous Peach Shake.

The Baja Burger, made with Cheeseburger Bobby’s traditional seasoned pure Angus beef burger, is topped with Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, guacamole, and chipotle mayo and served on your choice of an egg, wheat, or gluten free bun. It was initially inspired by Stippich a few years ago during a build your own burger contest at Cheeseburger Bobby’s. She won, resulting in the burger being a featured menu item for a week. The burger was such a hit, Cheeseburger Bobby’s decided to bring it back every summer since.

“With so many toppings already piled on the Baja Burger to create a zesty, summertime taste, it’s hard to imagine putting on anything else other than crisp lettuce and ripe tomato—if they’ll fit,” says Bobby Stoll, cofounder of Cheeseburger Bobby’s. “It’s definitely a guacamole lover’s burger.”

Recognizing the potential the flavors had, Cheeseburger Bobby’s applied them to grilled chicken to develop the Baja Chicken Sandwich. Together, the Baja Burger and the Baja Chicken Sandwich evoke Baja California and its association with summer, making them the hottest selling menu items during the season.

Both the Baja Burger and Baja Chicken Sandwich pair well with the Peach Shake. The light, fruity and refreshing taste provides the right balance to the lively Baja offerings. This annual seasonal item was inspired by Georgia’s love for peaches and the nation’s craving for peach flavored foods during the summertime.

Cheeseburger Bobby’s Baja Burger and Baja Chicken Sandwich are available to customers for $5.89 and the Peach Shake is $4.29.


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