Domino’s Pizza is introducing a brand new pizza to its American Legends specialty pizza line that will make cheese lovers rejoice and “cheeseheads” very proud. This is the first new product Domino’s has introduced in 2010—the last being the launch of its Inspired pizza and change to its core hand-tossed recipe, which took place last December.

The Wisconsin 6 Cheese is the first extension to the American Legends specialty pizza line, which showcases iconic tastes from across the country, and will feature cheeses from a place recognized by consumers for its expertise in all things cheese. It is topped with robust tomato sauce and six flavorful cheeses including mozzarella, feta, provolone, cheddar, parmesan, and asiago on a crust sprinkled with oregano.

“The Wisconsin 6 Cheese is the perfect addition to our line of American Legends specialty pizzas,” says Russell Weiner, chief marketing officer of Domino’s Pizza. “We continue to develop inspired, quality, great-tasting product choices—and we are especially excited for the commercial to begin so all can see our latest ‘Oh Yes We Did’ moment.”

The distinctive national advertising campaign, which began October 13, illustrates how the process of quality starts well before the pizza store, and shows consumers the true source of the 100 percent real cheeses used on all Domino’s Pizza products.

Shot on location in Blanchardville, Wisconsin, the campaign demonstrates that there is only one place that quality Domino’s Pizza cheeses come from: America’s dairy farms. Real consumers thinking they are attending a focus group are shocked when the “office building” walls collapse, revealing they are actually in the middle of a dairy farm—proving the point that 100 percent real cheese from America’s dairies is a critical component to Domino’s Pizza quality.

The partnership between Domino’s and Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) was a critical factor in the development and roll out of The Wisconsin 6 Cheese.

“America’s dairy farmers are proud of our partnership with Domino’s Pizza, and are excited to support the newest addition to the American Legends line of specialty pizzas. We are thrilled that Domino’s continues to innovate in a category that is vital to the success of dairy farmers,” says Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management Inc.

Domino’s will also launch an interactive site called “Behind the Pizza,” which will take consumers on an interactive journey with 10 Domino’s ingredients. Consumers can see real farms, discover real stories, and earn points by playing mini-games, viewing photos, or watching a short story of how each ingredient lands on their pizza.

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