French-born Chef-Owner Jeoffrey Offer celebrates 10 years in America with the debut of his new pop-up concept, Mr. J’s Burger. Focusing on American street-style burgers, the pop-up will debut outside of his restaurant Butcher’s House Brasserie in Costa Mesa on Wednesday, November 1. 

Born and raised in the south of France, Offer is known for his award-winning brasserie Butcher’s House. Since its opening in December 2021, it has been heralded as the ‘2021 Restaurant of the Year’ by Orange Coast Magazine and listed among Orange County Register’s coveted ’75 Best Restaurants’. Offer’s pop-up concept, Mr. J’s Burger, marks a deliberate shift from his celebrated cuisine du terroir. 

“Mr. J’s Burger brings to life a concept I’ve had in mind for a long time,” comments Offer. “Butcher’s House honors my Toulouse roots and has given me the capacity and platform to bring other ideas to life. Now, as I reflect on ten years in America, I’m proud to announce Mr. J’s Burger, a celebration of America’s most iconic dish.”

Mr. J’s Burger will offer guests a selection of street-style burgers ground in-house and crafted with simple, quality ingredients. Available Wednesdays and Thursdays from noon to 2 p.m. on the Butcher’s House patio, the pop-up will be available for walk-up and outdoor seating only. The menu consists of six items total: three burgers, a fried chicken sandwich, and two salads:

Classic J’s – 4oz patty, American cheese, iceberg, onion, house sauce

The No. 2 – 4oz patty, bacon, American cheese, iceberg, sauteed onion, Dijon mayo

The No. 3 – 4oz patty, bacon, American cheese, pickled onion, garlic herb aioli 

Fried Chicken – pan-fried chicken breast, Scotch bonnet aioli, lettuce slaw

Wedge – iceberg, bacon, tomato, crouton, blue cheese crumble, blue cheese dressing, hard-boiled egg

Crispy Chicken Salad – romaine, pan-fried chicken breast, red onion, crouton, cucumber, shaved Parmesan, Dijon dressing

Each burger is available as a single, double, or triple and can be complemented with a side order of fries or chips and drinks including bottled beers and assorted soda.In celebration of Offer’s ten years in America and the launch of Mr. J’s Burger pop-up, the first ten guests in line will receive a free Classic J’s Burger.

Mr J’s Burger will pop up at South Coast Collection in Costa Mesa outside of Butcher’s House Brasserie (3321 Hyland Ave. Ste. D) and will be open exclusively on Wednesday and Thursday between noon and 2 p.m.

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