Winter weather may still be with us, but things are heating up at Pokéworks. In collaboration with award-winning alumnus of Bravo’s Top Chef and owner of Tin Roof in Maui, Chef Sheldon Simeon, the brand announced today the launch of its newest menu item—the Lava Bowl—now available at participating locations across the nation.

Inspired by the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands, the Lava Bowl celebrates both Chef Sheldon Simeon and Pokéworks’ Hawaiian roots. The fiery dish features ultra-hot ghost peppers—with a Scoville spice rating of more than 1,000,000 units—alongside Sriracha over your favorite poke and topped with an extra kick of Thai Chili and Chili Threads. To add to the eruption of heat and flavor, guests are encouraged to “build the burn” of their dish by choosing one of three house-made Lava sauce levels—mild (light), medium, or lava (heavy).

“Now that we are in the final stretch of the colder winter months, we wanted to create something that would heat things up in preparation for spring,” says Celebrity Chef-Collaborator, Sheldon Simeon. “Inspired by Hawaiian traditions and the goddess of volcanoes, we are thrilled to share the fresh, fiery flavors of the Lava Bowl with guests across the nation.”

Dedicated to offering a fresh take on Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls and burritos with high-quality, flavorful ingredients at an affordable price, Pokéworks has an ongoing partnership with Chef Sheldon Simeon. As part of this collaboration, Simeon hand-crafts a series of Signature Works for Pokéworks with ingredients that draw inspiration from the mix of cultures that he grew up with in Hawaii. Pokéworks’ customizable menu allows consumers to customize Chef Sheldon’s expertly curated creations to fit any diet – ranging from gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan and cooked or raw protein diets.

Founded in 2015, Pokéworks is building on momentum largely fueled by its millennial relevance and deep-rooted commitment to sustainability efforts and has grown to 38 locations open across the United States.

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