Chick-fil-A, whose newest freestanding store in Jacksonville opened today, gave away coupons for a one-year supply of combo meals to the first 100 adults to visit the location. The store opened at 6:30 a.m. to a long line of customers, and $26,000 in free food was given away within 15 minutes.

“We’ve given away more than $2.5 million in free Chick-fil-A food since we started the ‘First 100 Fans’ promotion more than a year ago,” says Dan Cathy, president. “This event has attracted Chick-fil-A raving fans from across the country to camp out in all types of weather conditions to be among the first 100 in line.” Cathy joined the dozens of customers who spent the night outside with the crowd in Jacksonville, waiting for the store’s opening today.

Chick-fil-A launched its First 100 Fans promotion in Oct. 2003 in Phoenix, and has continued the event at every free-standing and in-line restaurant grand opening across the country. Last year, Dan Cathy attended events at more than 50 grand openings and spent the night outside at more than 25. The event has even attracted campers who had never tried Chick-fil-A.

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