Salt Lake City is known for falling in love with Chick-fil-A’s hand-spun Milkshakes. And starting September 27, the new seasonal Autumn Spice Milkshake will be available for a limited time test at participating Chick-fil-A restaurants throughout Salt Lake City through October 30, while supplies last.

Hand-spun the old-fashioned way, this milkshake is autumn spice and everything nice. Made with Chick-fil-A Icedream dessert combined with rich flavors like cinnamon, cardamom and orange, as well as crunchy bits of speculoos cookies. This delicious fall treat is topped off with whipped cream and a cherry (except when served through delivery).

What makes SLC the perfect city to test this milkshake? The answer is simple. Salt Lake City is home to some of the country’s most enthusiastic Chick-fil-A Milkshake connoisseurs. After welcoming the seasonal Butterscotch Crumble Milkshake in 2020, this city drinks the most Chick-fil-A Milkshakes nationwide, sipping on more than 1.5 million Chick-fil-A Milkshakes last year. Salt Lake City’s milkshake expertise puts them in the unique position of being the only city in the country to taste test this new fall treat. Their trusted feedback will determine whether the Autumn Spice Milkshake makes its way to a Chick-fil-A restaurant near you in the future.

“We’re excited to offer guests more menu variety this year, and that includes testing out new fall flavors like the Autumn Spice Milkshake,” says Beth Hefner from the Chick-fil-A Menu Development Team. “Our guests look forward to our seasonal milkshakes every year, and we’re excited to put Salt Lake City’s tastebuds to the test with this delicious blend of rich, autumn-inspired flavors.”

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