Chicken Salad Chick announced the signing of an eight-unit agreement that will bring new restaurants to Arlington and Fairfax Counties over the next five years. The first location is slated to open in Spring 2024. This development adds to the brand’s existing statewide footprint that boasts five open locations – Christiansburg, Hampton, Mechanicsville, Richmond, and Roanoke, with 11 more under various stages of development.

Behind the development agreement is Devon Chamberlin, her father, Patrick Cavanaugh, and her father-in-law, Barry Chamberlin. All have close ties to the community, born and raised across Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

Patrick and Barry’s relationship dates back well over 20 years when they met through mutual friends. Over the years, their families have spent a lot of time together. Barry’s son, Milton, and Devon began dating a few years ago, which has culminated in their recent wedding on November 5, 2022.

Devon’s career has been focused on mental health and substance use disorder treatment, working between residential treatment centers, inpatient hospital settings, and Fairfax County Emergency Services. Throughout her years in the mental health field, she’s maintained her dream of one day owning and operating a small, locally-based business, one where she could leverage her deepening ties to the local community. 

After learning that Chicken Salad Chick was interested in expanding into the Northern Virginia market, Devon knew that this would present her with an opportunity to run the sort of local business she had long dreamed of.  She welcomed the opportunity to work with her father-in-law, Barry, and father, Patrick, as co-owners of Virginia’s newest Chicken Salad Chick franchise.

“After being a consumer of the brand for over a decade, it is a dream come true to have the opportunity to bring something so beloved to our community,” says Devon Chamberlin. “Not only are we providing a great-tasting, quality product, but we’re creating an environment with a communal feel that prioritizes customer service with warmth and kindness that is exuded the moment you walk through the doors. People connect through their hearts and their stomachs, and we seek to do just that. I’m beyond grateful to run this operation as a family business and bring Chicken Salad Chick to the community.”

Patrick boasts a robust legal background and experience in running large and mid-size for-profit professional service organizations, coupled with experience in both fast-food and high-end restaurants. Barry is the founder and currently the President and CEO of The Barrett Companies, a series of limited liability companies involved in real estate development in Northern Virginia.

Together, their skill sets will assist Devon in her desire to own and operate Chicken Salad Chick locations. Collectively, they know how to manage people, how to build out space, negotiate leases, obtain insurance, advertise and market to promote a brand, as well as to devise operating budgets and legal compliance programs in more than one context – all of which will be of value as they establish Chicken Salad Chick’s presence in the Northern Virginia area.    

“Our brand has tremendous growth opportunities across Virginia,” says Scott Deviney, CEO of Chicken Salad Chick. “In the past year, we have signed over 14 new locations in the state, and as we make our way toward Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, we are gaining brand awareness and fueling our mission to become America’s favorite place for chicken salad. That mission is shared by Devon, Patrick, and Barry who bring immense enthusiasm, knowledge, and expertise to our brand. We can’t wait to see the positive impact they’ll have throughout their community”

Chicken Salad Chick’s investment opportunity and multiple revenue streams have quickly gained attention among local families and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in pursuing the franchise opportunity.

The brand continues to bring its gracious hospitality and fresh fare to new markets, seeing a 10% increase in unit count year-over-year. In addition to this impressive growth, Chicken Salad Chick reported over $306.8 million in systemwide sales, a 20% increase over 2021 and grew to record-setting AUV.

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