First Cilantro Soap dropped. Then the lemonade-scented “Water” Cup Candle. Now, Chipotle is introducing its latest meme-inspired product, Chipotle Napkin Cargo Pants.

Chipotle teamed up with upcycle designer Nicole McLaughlin to create a one-of-a-kind pair of cargo pants made with Chipotle’s iconic napkins. The pants feature zip-on legs, so they can easily transform into shorts.

Chipotle first shared “Napkin Shorts” as a meme in a June 2021 Instagram post. Next, the brand launched the “Napkin Shorts” on Roblox in the Chipotle Burrito Builder Experience in April 2022. The Roblox “Napkin Shorts” quickly became one of Chipotle’s most popular virtual items on the platform.

“With our commitment to sustainable food and fashion, Nicole was the perfect partner to help us bring the ‘Napkin Cargo Pants’ to life tastefully and responsibly,” says Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer.

Just two weeks ago on August 18, Chipotle’s limited edition lemonade-scented “Water” Cup Candle sold out on the Chipotle Goods online store in less than four minutes. The candle was inspired by fans who “accidentally” fill their complimentary water cups with lemonade at the restaurant’s beverage station.

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