To keep the celebrations going, DoorDash and Chipotle customers can enjoy free delivery on all Chipotle orders of $10 or more placed through DoorDash or the Chipotle app and on for Cinco de Mayo, available exclusively on May 5.

Over the past year, DoorDash and Chipotle have developed a deeply integrated relationship to propel their leadership positions within their respective industries. DoorDash was recognized by Edison Trends as the largest on-demand food platform in the U.S., capturing the most market share of total consumer spend. Since the partnership’s inception, Chipotle’s digital sales powered by DoorDash have become the fastest-growing part of its business.

“Our mission is to help merchants thrive in the convenience economy, and for Chipotle that manifested itself through our relentless focus on building digital solutions that brought them closer to the customer,” says Christopher Payne, Chief Operating Officer of DoorDash. “We believe that our partnership with Chipotle is emblematic of where this industry is heading, where a fully-integrated relationship between restaurants and last-mile logistics providers is necessary for mutual, sustainable success.”

Over the last 12 months, DoorDash has become Chipotle’s biggest national logistics partner, serving over 2,200 Chipotle restaurants in the U.S. Chipotle continues to leverage DoorDash’s full suite of merchant products and services to reach new audiences and improve sales, including Drive, DashPass, and a custom point-of-sale technology integration.

DoorDash Drive, the last-mile logistics platform that exclusively powers Chipotle’s delivery through its own web and mobile app, has scaled geographically across 99 percent of Chipotle’s restaurants in the U.S. Since joining DashPass—DoorDash’s subscription service that offers $0 delivery fees—Chipotle has experienced a double-digit proportion of digital sales coming from DashPass subscribers, with some DashPass loyalists ordering Chipotle over 50 times a month.

Chipotle has also played a leading role in DoorDash’s marketing efforts, featured in DoorDash’s first national television ad. DoorDash’s merchant-first approach to growth, operational excellence, and commitment to quality has enabled the company to build a viable, long-term partnership with Chipotle, changing the game for the industry at large.

“Our focus on digital and delivery stems from the evolving needs of the modern consumer,” says Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle. “By working with DoorDash, we’re able to provide a frictionless delivery experience that brings Chipotle’s fresh, real food straight to your door. This partnership has ultimately helped Chipotle create a digital access point that is unparalleled in both speed and convenience in the industry.”

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