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    Chipotle is Hosting a Haiku Contest for Valentine's Day

  • Industry News February 13, 2018

    In the spirit of love this Valentine’s Day, Chipotle Mexican Grill is celebrating couples united by their love of burritos (and tacos, bowls and salads). From unexpected lunchtime dates to celebrity athlete first dates and even wedding celebrations, Chipotle has been an important backdrop to ever-lasting love stories.

    “It’s natural people form a bond when they share a common passion. And, we’ve seen that come to life through the amazing love stories shared with us over the years,” says Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle. “This year, in the month when people celebrate or are looking for love, it’s fun to show a little love back to those who have connected over their love of our food.”

    Zach and Julie Ertz: ‘Til Guac Do Us Part

    Back in college, when Philadelphia tight end Zach and U.S. Women’s National Soccer team defender Julie were on the fast-track to their athletic careers, Zach took Julie to Chipotle on their first date. Because, as we all know, there’s no bond stronger than a burrito. Fast forward to today, when Julie doesn’t have time to make Zach’s favorite tacos, the U.S. Female Soccer Player of the Year and football champion head to Chipotle for their favorite food to fuel up for big games.

    Inspired by this and other Chipotle-themed love stories like Zach and Julie’s, Chipotle went to the masses to uncover real-life love stories.

    Here is a snapshot of a few more love stories:

    The Burrito Baby, Sarah, Mark, Caleb and Jake: Mark has always known of Sarah’s love for Chipotle and knows her order by heart. During Sarah’s pregnancy, it was all she craved and Mark was always there to deliver. When their son Jake celebrated his first birthday they had a Chipotle burrito smash instead of a cake smash, complete with Jake bundled up in a Chipotle onesie.

    The Burrito Bribers, Amber and Chris: Both huge fans of Chipotle, Amber and Chris had the restaurant cater their wedding! Six months later, they moved into their first house and used Chipotle as a bribe to get a group together to help them move. Of course, it worked, and they had an army of friends and family to help get out of their apartment and into their new house in less than four hours.

    An Unlikely Duo, Ian and Chipotle the Cat: A huge Chipotle fan and frequent customer, Ian was walking out of his local Chipotle in Texas when he heard a quiet meow under his car and discovered a kitten. Ian adopted the kitten and couldn’t think of a better name for his new love than one of his existing loves: Chipotle.

    Looking for another way to channel all that love? Chipotle is also inviting fans to express their Chipotle love in a Haiku Contest happening Feb. 11–12. Fans who comment a haiku on Chipotle’s Facebook or Instagram post, or reply to their tweet on Twitter, will have a chance to win free burritos for a year and be #Chipotlebae for the day. The haiku with the most likes on Facebook and Instagram and the most retweets on Twitter wins. The contest is two days only, so get ready to make the internet swoon. Details and rules are available at

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