Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol sent a year-end message to customers this week, outlining some of the chain’s 2020 accomplishments. Among them, he said Chipotle paid out more than $40 million in bonuses and assistance pay to restaurant employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

Additionally, Chipotle provided jobs to 94,000 people across North America and Europe while covering north of $13 million of tuition costs for employees as part of its education benefits.

Chipotle donated 200,000 burritos to healthcare workers and raised $3.7 million through its app as a donation program. Chipotle donated $250,000 in local community grants as well.

Through a farmer-focused program, Chipotle offered grants, long-term contracts, a virtual farmers’ market, and unveiled the Aluminaries Project 2.0. It also partnered with Tractor Beverage Co. to donate 5 percent of profits back to farmers.

On a customer-facing side, Niccol pointed to Chipotle’s website enhancements, such as unlimited customization, contactless delivery, and group ordering, as well as increasing access via “Chipotlanes” in more than 150 restaurants. The chain opened a standalone Digital Kitchen restaurant and expanded delivery via new platforms.

Product wise, Chipotle introduced Queso Blanco, Supergreens, and Tractor Beverages nationwide and brought Carne Asada back for a limited time.

It launched “Real Foodprint,” a sustainability impact tracker that shows how Chipotle ingredients are better for the planet.

The company donated funds to the National Urban League and other diverse organizations in an effort to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization.

“None of these achievements would have been possible without our dedicated teams that strive to deliver a great guest experience daily,” Niccol wrote. “As a purpose-driven organization, we’re already hard at work identifying ways that we can make a positive impact on the world in 2021. We are optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing to deliver on our promises.”

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