Chipotle Mexican Grill announced Tuesday that it will be providing access to mental healthcare and financial wellness for more than 80,000 employees in 2020 through Employee Assistance Programs and enhanced benefits offerings.

By simplifying access to mental health benefits and identifying work-related risk factors, Chipotle is trying to minimize the effect of mental health in the workplace. All Chipotle associates and their family members will have the opportunity to receive personalized assistance from healthcare experts before, during, and following medical needs through a partnership with Health Advocate, regardless of whether they are enrolled in the company’s medical plan.

Mental health and emotional support will also be extended to all employees and their family members through in-person, phone or virtual visits with a licensed counselor to support personal, professional, mental, financial and/or legal concerns. Chipotle offers its employees a seamless, digital experience with easy access to providers and care.


Chipotle now offering debt-free degrees to workers

“This is just the beginning of how we’re strategically investing in the well-being of our employees and their families,” says Marissa Andrada, Chipotle’s chief people officer.  “Our vision for people is to create a culture where employees can thrive and pursue their passion and by extending access to all levels and enriching our Employee Assistance Program, we are ensuring that our employees can build mental fitness and bring their best selves to work every day.”

Additional enhancements to Chipotle’s 2020 suite of benefits available to all include:

  • Cultivate Me portal (UPoint): A dynamic benefits site that will bring the entire Chipotle healthcare ecosystem to employees’ mobile phones
  • Healthcare plans: Enhanced hourly PPO plan for eligible crew in addition to the Preventative Plus plan
  • Financial Wellness: Access to Ayco’s financial counseling platform, including an assessment, checklist and accompanying education to assist with financial planning
  • Fitness Centers: Access to national gyms with discounted pricing

Communicating and encouraging use of these new programs can make a real impact when it comes to managing mental illness in the workplace. According to a study by PwC, money causes the most stress in the lives of almost 60 percent of people. Chipotle recognized this when it introduced both debt-free degrees and a new crew bonus program this year, which allows its restaurant teams the opportunity to earn up to an extra month’s pay each year; in order to do so, pre-determined sales, as well as cashflow and throughput goals must be achieved quarterly.  The bonus (calculated as an individual’s average weekly pay per quarter), valued at more than $1 million last quarter, was achieved by 135 restaurants and 3,100 employees. Chipotle Crew members also receive a number of other compelling benefits, including a debt-free degree or tuition reimbursement up to $5,250 per year, free English as a second language and GED classes for employees and family members, as well as available dental, vision and medical insurance.

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