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    Chocolate Brownie Delight Takes First in Freddy’s Contest

  • Industry News August 8, 2013

    Today is National Frozen Custard Day and the votes for America’s Favorite Frozen Custard Treat have been tallied. After coming in a close second last year behind the Signature Turtle Sundae, Freddy’s Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete has earned the top spot for 2013.


    The Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete contains rich chocolate custard, a fresh brownie, and a scoop of cold fudge. Ingredients are lightly blended to perfection and topped off with whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry. Freddy’s guests may choose the Brownie Delight served lightly blended in a concrete or as a classic sundae.


    “The Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete has always been a guest favorite,” COO Scott Redler says. “I am not surprised that our guests selected it as America’s favorite frozen custard treat. We strive to craft the perfect taste and attribute the unique flavor to the careful attention we pay to our specific blending process.”


    In the U.S., frozen custard can be traced to Coney Island, New York, and was introduced to the Midwest at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Frozen custard resembles ice cream but is richer and creamier thanks to a time-tested churning process that minimizes ice crystals and excess air. In addition to the Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete, guests to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers can enjoy several different specialty custard creations including the Dirt N’ Worms, Peanut Butter Cup & Banana, Hawaiian Delight, and last year’s winner the Signature Turtle Sundae.