Industry News | November 15, 2013

Chocolatto Hot Chocolate Plants Roots in NYC

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Chocolatto Italian hot chocolate is one of Italy's best kept secrets. Thick, between a mousse and a pudding, eaten with a demitasse spoon in true Italian fashion. Dolce Vite Chocolatto is smooth, creamy, bittersweet chocolate made in Italy. Widely touted as an aphrodisiac and medicinal, thick chocolate was the height of fashion in European royal courts.


Dolce Vite Chocolatto contains No GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and Dolce Vite is proud to be part of the No GMO foods movement. Chocolatto does not contain artificial colors or flavors and does not contain any preservatives. Chocolatto contains less sugar and is low in caffeine. Made from low-fat cocoa, Chocolatto is a lower calorie chocolate dessert.


Many studies show natural antioxidants are found in cocoa and cocoa flavanols are good for you. Professor Chang Yong Lee in a Cornell study, says that the "hot" in "hot chocolate" is the best way to harness the health benefits of cocoa. The researchers found more antioxidants are released when it is heated up, making a cup of hot chocolate two times richer in antioxidants than a cup of red wine, three times richer than green tea, and five times richer than black tea.


Recently New Yorkers are consuming less animal and dairy products, and seeking vegan foods. Chocolatto is also a vegan option, and can be made with soy or nut milk, and even water.


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