The new North Hills Chop Stop threw its Grand Opening celebration at The Mix On Balboa. The high-energy debut of the popular chopped salad restaurant chain’s newest location drew dozens of politicos, businesspeople and other locals. A representative of local state senator Robert Hertzberg’s office was also there to help franchise owners Amal Maida and Gus Murra cut the red ribbon. Afterwards the assembled crowd was treated to a celebratory cake, as well as free mini-bowls of Chop Stop specialty salads.

“We are proud to be able to serve such a broad cross-section of the community here at The Mix,” says Maida. “The great diversity of local workers, students, and gym patrons are the perfect customers for our healthy nutritious chopped salads.” Murra added, “For as many different customers, and different diets they follow, we have a wide variety of chopped salads for them—guaranteed.”

The Grand Opening comes just a week after the pair opened their first Chop Stop in nearby Northridge next to the CSUN campus. The newest Chop Stop restaurant is just the latest groundbreaking for the fast-growing local chain, which expects a dozen more restaurants by year-end.

“The opening of a second Chop Stop by Amal and Gus signals our confidence in them, and the diverse community they will serve,” says Chop Stop founder and CEO Mark Kulkis. “The Mix On Balboa will prove to be one of Chop Stop’s greatest success stories.”

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