Chopt Creative Salads Comes to NC

    Industry News | February 17, 2015

    Chopt Creative Salad Company, a farm-to-fast-foodrestaurant based in New York City, is coming to North Carolina this summer. With roots in reinventing the classic salad in 2001 and spurring the rise of salad in New York City and Washington, DC, the salad specialists at Chopt are heading to Queen City to turn salad on its head once again. 

    Chopt announces Charlotte, North Carolina, as its next market. The restaurant will open its first location outside the New York and the Washington, DC, markets at the Park Road Shopping Center in the summer of 2015. 

    “North Carolina has a great food tradition, and we’re excited to be a part of it,” founder Tony Shure says. “We think Chopt’s approach to salad and our homemade dressings will be a welcome addition to its restaurant landscape.” 

    With a focus on mindful sourcing, Chopt combines seasonal ingredients from local purveyors with authentic flavors from around the world to craft salad combinations and artisan salad dressings. Chopt’s “Better Dressings” are homemade with care in small batches every day. 

    "We approach our food sourcing and our recipe creation like we are turning pages in a travel magazine,” Shure says. “We want all of our ingredients and combinations to tell an authentic story about different food destinations close to home and across the globe." 

    Alongside its core menu, a rotating specials menu of “Destination Salads” introduces diners to new faraway flavors every 60 days. 

    Born from its founders’ mission to revolutionize fast food, Chopt is committed to helping Americans eat better beyond its restaurant walls. 

    “Fast food as an industry moved our country’s eating habits, agricultural practices, and environment in a dangerous direction,” founder Colin McCabe says. “When Tony and I first imagined Chopt, we wanted to build a force of good, to undo what fast food broke.” 

    Chopt’s goal is to create universal access to better food for children in particular, shaping the healthier habits that inform their future and ours. Through partnerships with local nonprofits, Chopt impacts its communities by fighting to improve public school lunches and engaging students in the classroom and community gardens.

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