Chopt Creative Salad Company, the pioneering fast-casual salad destination with over 40 locations throughout the U.S., is excited to announce the launch of three new salads inspired by the cuisine of the Pacific Northwest as part of the ongoing series of Destination Salads featuring fresh, innovative and regional flavors. The new menu additions celebrate the diverse flavors of the Pacific Northwest and pay tribute to the influential Vietnamese community in the region. The salads include ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, such as Tillamook cheddar cheese and Ducktrap salmon, caught from the waters off Alaska and Canada, as well as ingredients inspired by the region, such as bee pollen and pickled sweet onions. Chopt will also continue to showcase their impressive array of local partners, such as Coach Farm goat cheese, Hot Bread Kitchen croutons, FreeBird chicken, Tremblay Apiaries honey and Seed + Mill organic tahini, among others.

The Pacific Northwest inspired salads are available from March 6th through May 7th, and include:

Crunchy Vietnamese Salad ($10.49): FreeBird grilled chicken, crispy rice crackers, pickled sweet onions, rainbow carrots, English cucumbers, romaine, kale, purple cabbage and cilantro dressed with Spicy Tamarind Vinaigrette.

Beekeeper’s Quinoa Bowl ($9.99): Tricolor quinoa, aged Tillamook cheddar, roasted chickpeas, Mama Lil’s spicy peppers, rainbow cauliflower, kale, broccoleaf and purple cabbage, topped with bee pollen and dressed with Wildflower Honey Dijon.

Wild Smokehouse Salmon Plate ($13.49): Smoked wild sockeye salmon, quinoa lentil and millet blend, pickled sweet onions and arugula dressed with Dill Caraway.

“Amongst all of our travels, the Pacific Northwest stands out as a truly distinct and inspiring place,” says Chopt co-founder, Tony Shure. “From its amazingly fresh seafood to the unmistakable influence of its Vietnamese communities, we’re excited to capture and share the spirit of the region in these three destination salads.”

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