Granbury Solutions, a point-of-sale to enterprise management company, recently finalized an incorporation with international point of sale integration company to deliver data from restaurant aggregators like Chowly. Granbury's Thr!ve POS suite gives restaurant owners a set of powerful integrated tools to manage the entire business—from in-store POS to branded online ordering, loyalty marketing, delivery driver management, and enterprise reporting. 

Online ordering is an essential and growing part of the restaurant business and restaurants want online orders to be efficient, accurate, and painless—no matter what site they originate from. Savvy restaurant owners know that they should look to attract new customers anywhere and everywhere. 

"Our partnership with Chowly makes it possible for our clients to have integrated online ordering from their branded website as well as from a wide variety of consumer facing sites—so they can manage orders efficiently no matter where they originate from," says Granbury's Vice President of Sales, Jon Decker. 

In partnering with Chowly, Granbury is looking to streamline the entire process and change the restaurant industry to be more efficient. 

"Chowly makes it simple to connect to the same process their branded website orders will use to send orders to the point-of-sale system, and right to the kitchen," Decker adds. 

Granbury and Chowly realized that there was a problem they needed to address and believe they have found the perfect solution. 

"Chowly also has high expectations for its new partnership with POS leader, Granbury as they have been a leader in the pizza and quick service industry for years," says Brian Duncan, co-founder at Chowly Inc. "Both of these markets have been screaming an integration for a restaurant aggregator integration into their POS for years."

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