Chowly, a Chicago-based software company, is now taking its services global through a partnership with Bepoz. Chowly is the only holistic integration solution for restaurant aggregators and through this new partnership, they are looking to continue to expand services in the U.S. as well as branch out overseas, starting with the U.K.

Since 2004, Bepoz POS has been a major restaurant software provider in international markets such as Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and Singapore. Bepoz is also growing its market share in the United States, identifying customers who are looking for a different solution and are uninterested in the traditional legacy players. 

"Our business started in the United States and we are excited to bring the excellent service of both Bepoz and Chowly to more customers locally," says Brian Duncan, partner at Chowly. "However, we always knew that restaurant aggregator integration was a global problem. We were simply waiting for the right partner to help take our product to the international marketplace."

Helping solve a global pain point is something both companies feel very strongly about and this partnership will allow multiple online systems to connect with just one integration. 

"Chowly has made it easy for us to get the integration done with minimal resources from our team. They have been very easy to work with," adds Tim Flachman, president of North America Operations for Bepoz. "This partnership has allowed us to add additional revenue streams for our customers and add value to the great features we already have in place."

Now connected with Bepoz, Chowly plans to begin marketing in other countries by early 2017. 

"We hope to bring the new partnership first to the U.K. market since it is probably the most similar to what we experience here in the United States," Duncan says. "From there we will assess the opportunities available in other global markets."

Chowly is now poised for success both in the U.S. and internationally.

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