Recognized as Angel Stadium’s top-performing food vendor, Chronic Tacos has become a park staple for baseball fans in Anaheim, California. Kicking off another season, Chronic Tacos is partnering with the Los Angeles Angels for the fourth straight year, bringing with them a new look, new promotions, and the same quality food and service that fans have been craving through the off-season.

The locally based fresh Mexican grill, known for its eclectic and authentic menu that caters to the individual, diverse, and unique palettes of its customer, will open the season with a rebranded image the franchise system has recently undergone. Creating a more modern and cohesive style, the new look and feel complements the progression of ballpark renovations and neighboring vendors.

“Angel Stadium has been a cornerstone for the success of our brand in this area. As more and more fans become exposed to the unique menu and uncompromising food quality of Chronic Tacos, we continue to see our own fan base spread throughout the city, region, and even new parts of the country,” says Mike Mohammed, CEO of Chronic Tacos. “Regardless of whether you’re rooting for the home team or visitors, the Angels have built a culture of sportsmanship, individuality, and community—all things that Chronic Tacos stands in support of and emulates through our partnership.”

Again this year, Chronic Tacos will also be sponsoring an Angels Hat Night, where fans in attendance will receive a cobranded Chronic Tacos Beach Hat on June 23 against the Houston Astros. Chronic Tacos will also be sponsoring the first pitch that night in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Chronic Tacos was founded in 2002 by Randy Wyner, a serial entrepreneur and Newport Beach, California local. Unimpressed by the service and quality of food found at the local taco shops, Wyner was inspired by a vacant piece of real estate and a craving for authentic Mexican cuisine. Turning his vision into reality, the doors opened at California’s newest taco shop. Before Wyner could roll out the second tortilla at that first Chronic Tacos location, consumers were pleading for more and investors were looking for a piece of the business.

Since Wyner partnered with Mohammed in 2012, the California brand has established a strong franchise system with well-oiled operations and a leadership team that has evolved with the customer. In addition to re-signing the location in Angels Stadium, Chronic Tacos has recently signed multi-unit franchise agreements in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington, while company plans call for more than 10 new location openings in 2015. Opening nearly one location per month, Mohammed plans to double the company growth with 20 new restaurants per year moving forward, projecting more than 100 locations by 2018.

“Strengthening our brand presence with partnerships like ours with the Angels is integral in reaching our customer with the chance to embrace an opportunity to be a part of something greater than us,” Mohammed adds. “The Angels have a rich history not only on the field, but within the fans that fill the seats. We are so fortunate to be able to share such a dedicated and enthusiastic group and look forward to a continued partnership for years to come.”

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