Chronic Tacos is set to expand beyond its 50-plus locations in the United States and Canada, and has its sights set on Japan. The Southern California-based chain has signed a 10-year master franchise agreement with K&Brothers, a subsidiary of Kadoya group, based in Tokyo, Japan.

The first Chronic Tacos location in Japan is slated to open in late 2017 in Tokyo.

“I believe that there is a lack of quality fast Casual Mexican food in Japan and am looking forward to bringing the unique flavor and branding of Chronic Tacos to this country,” says Ryohei Iwatani, President of K&B Brothers

“We have really enjoyed working with K&Brothers in continuing to expand the Chronic Tacos brand,” says Michael Mohammed, Chronic Tacos CEO.

“We’re confident that Chronic Tacos will be a success in Japan as there isn’t anything else like it outside of North America.”

The award-winning concept has been setting the franchise world on fire and is looking forward to continuing its rapid expansion into new territories.

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