Church’s Chicken, one of the largest quick-service restaurant chicken chains in the world, has what it takes to be the life of the party for the Big Game on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Pizza has long dominated the playing field during the big game, but the chicken giant believes its new $10 Big Game Box is such a meatier alternative that they can take a bite out of this pizza-dominant day. The special promotional meal deal, available now through February 1, offers enough food to feed the entire front line—five legs and thighs, five tenders, and five biscuits.

“We’re playing offense here,” says Adam Tabachnikoff, vice president of activation and product marketing for Church’s Chicken. “It’s a pretty simple choice: Do you want soggy dough, watered down sauce, and bland cheese, or would you prefer to bite into a hot and juicy hand-battered, fresh crispy chicken strip or meaty thigh and signature honey-butter biscuit? Our guests tell us pro football deserves pro-tein, not processed pepperoni.”

Eligible U.S. customers over the age of 18 who pose with their Big Game Box will earn the chance to win big now through Sunday, February 1. All week long, fans may upload their pictures to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BigGameBox to automatically be entered for a chance to win a flat-screen LED TV. A winner will be selected on Monday, February 2, 2015.  For every photo uploaded, $1 will be donated to the Church’s Scholars Program toward college scholarships for deserving students for the 2015-16 school year.