As part of its strategic realignment to ignite system-wide growth, Church’s Chicken announced the $5 Real Big Deal, a customized meal offering thousands of different combinations of fried chicken and Tender Strips, home-style sides, a honey-butter biscuit, and a Jalapeño pepper. Available now, the $5 Real Big Deal is Church’s most customizable, highest value offering, and will be available at every Church’s restaurant across the nation.

“While other restaurants are working to bring ever-more competitive pricing to the market, Church’s is winning by offering value in a new way … through an abundance of flavor and choice,” says Hector Munoz, Executive Vice President & Global Chief Marketing Officer at Church’s Chicken. “Our chicken and biscuits are only one dimension of the Church’s quality chicken experience. We also feature a full complement of home-style sides that guests can fully explore without any change in price.”

“Real value is an experience guests can return to time and time again while also finding something new and fresh to enjoy,” Munoz says. “The $5 Real Big Deal is putting our guests in charge, and allowing them to create entire meals—including sides—with a level of variety rarely seen in the industry.”

An essential element of the choice-driven value is Church’s wide selection of side dishes—guests can select any two of Church’s delicious and unique side dishes, including baked macaroni & cheese, jalapeño bombers, fried okra, and corn-on-the-cob with their meal, making new combinations possible every visit. Each $5 Real Big Deal box includes guests’ choice of either 2-pieces of mixed chicken or 3 Tender Strips in original or spicy as the main course. All boxes are topped off with a scratch-made honey-butter biscuit and the brand’s signature Jalapeño pepper to squeeze over chicken—a spicy tradition that guests have been enjoying for 65 years. Regardless of which chicken and side items are chosen, the cost is just $5, which is simple for guests to remember and easy for restaurants to execute.

The $5 Real Big Deal was created in direct response to guest feedback to make value more accessible through additional variety at affordable price points. With multiple pieces of chicken, two sides, a biscuit, and a Jalapeño pepper, the deal provides a considerable amount of quality food at an unbeatable $5. Church’s executives believe the brand is enjoying unparalleled franchisee support for the new meal because of the value and control it provides guests, which is backed up by the in-market testing conducted over the past few months.

The new meal deal will be supported with a multi-layered, integrated approach. Developed by Erich & Kallman, the ad campaign, entitled “Game Show,” features a light-hearted, fictional game show called “Just Choose Already!” Each :30 second commercial features a different Church’s customer as the contestant, trying to decide between all of the menu options.

The $5 Real Big Deal is available at all U.S. Church’s Chicken restaurants, while supplies last.

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