Industry News | April 3, 2013

Church’s Launches New 'Almost Free' Tongue-in-Cheek Ad

Great quality and value are top of mind for today’s consumers, now more than ever.  Church’s Chicken, the quick service restaurant chain, has taken a new approach to differentiate the brand from other quick service restaurant recession-proof deals with its new Limited Time Only “Almost Free” offering.  

Launching in participating markets and restaurants, the 30-second TV spot was created by Church’s agency of record, Chicago-based eswStorylab.
The spot opens with a large visual message on the screen with a photo backdrop of the offer -- FREE CHICKEN (almost) and the announcer says “Free Chicken! That’s right. I said (almost) free chicken. Church’s is (practically) giving away its chicken. Two pieces of tender on the inside, crunchy on the outside mixed chicken for (nearly) nothing." The spot continues to explain the “almost free” chicken deal.
The words almost, practically, nearly, close to, just about, and kinda, are meant to convey that getting two pieces of chicken and Church’s new bigger, better honey-butter biscuit for only $1.99, is just that -- almost, practically, nearly, close to, just about, kind of -- like getting it for nothing! 
“Our customers already know when they visit our restaurants they’ll get a variety of choices, top quality, and an abundance of food for the money they spend,” says Rob Crews, chief marketing officer for Church’s Chicken. “We think using a little humor in this new ad will help to break through all the other price/value offers currently featured on fast-food menus.” 
Jim Signorelli, founder and CEO of eswStorylab, says, “The idea of poking some fun at the hyperbole of advertising, but at the same time offering a really great deal during tough economic times, will resonate with consumers.” 


2 piece for $1 is like getting it for free. This doesnt resonate with me.\

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