When it comes to fried chicken and hot sauce, Church’s Chicken and Texas Pete are two of America’s favorites, which is why it is so exciting that the two brands are teaming up for a unique new offering at Church’s Chicken restaurants. Starting September 21 for a limited time, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy “The Tenders That Bite Back.” Church’s freshly hand-battered, all-white-meat Tender Strips dusted with a kick of Texas Pete seasoning.

“We know how much people love spicy chicken and both brands have perfected spicy,” says Adam Tabachnikoff, vice president of activation and product marketing at Church’s. “Our new Texas Pete offering demonstrates our commitment to only the best quality and flavor while adding flavorful heat in every delicious bite.”

Church’s new Texas Pete Tender Strips deliver a tangy three-pepper heat in perfect combination with the juicy natural flavor of its premium white-meat chicken or its crispy hand-battered exterior. Guests may order a Texas Pete Tender Strips meal, which includes three Texas Pete Tender Strips and a honey-butter biscuit, starting at just $2.99.

This new menu item isn’t the first time Church’s Chicken has introduced a new take on spicy. One of the first side items ever offered at the restaurants was jalapeño peppers, first introduced in the 1950s, and still served today to the tune of 40 million annually. There is also the brand’s always-popular Purple Pepper Sauce, a limited-release dipping sauce made from red bell peppers and Habanero peppers, which last appeared on Church’s menus in April 2015.

“Make no mistake, when Church’s goes for spicy, we ‘Have the Love’ and dial the flavor way up. Texas Pete Tender Strips are a bold and zesty offering that goes beyond what you expect from middle-of-the-road spicy. We think it’s destined to become a new guest favorite,” Tabachnikoff says.

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