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    Church's Chicken Announces New Spicy Chicken

  • Industry News July 19, 2005

    Church's Chicken announces the launch of its spicy bone-in chicken and chicken tenders to all of its 1,234 restaurants nationwide and nearly 100 restaurants in Mexico. The product will be offered starting Monday, July 25.

    The product rollout comes after an eleven-week nationwide test of Church's spicy chicken at 100 company and franchised restaurants, where the product was "enthusiastically received," says CEO Harsha V. Agadi. Eight of Church's 175 operating groups, including some key members of the Church's Independent Franchisees Association and Chicago-based Falcon Holdings, were involved in the test.

    "In some of our test stores, spicy chicken sales represented 25 to 40 percent of the business," Agadi says.

    Every customer entering or driving through a Church's restaurant will be offered original or spicy chicken, seasoned with a special blend of jalapeño, cayenne, chili, and black and white pepper. Window and store signs and staff uniforms will support the product rollout, as well as an advertising campaign, with several creative advertising spots.

    Internationally, Puerto Rico and Indonesia, with 100 restaurants each, offered spicy chicken. All other international restaurants not serving the product will do so in a few months.

    "We have heard our customers for years request spicy chicken," says Agadi, "and we are giving them what they want."

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