Since the beginning of the healthcare crisis, Church’s Chicken has been diligently serving families and working to keep its restaurant team members safe and employed. Now, the community-focused fried chicken brand is taking its commitment to “Stepping Up” and “Doing the Right Thing,” even further with a multi-faceted Appreciation Campaign recognizing its many essential workers.

“There is no denying that the dedicated people that make up the Church’s family have been champions during these challenging times,” says Joe Christina, the company’s CEO. “They’ve been making a difference each and every day – manning drive-thru and pick-up orders, packing up deliveries, putting together bulk orders for hospitals and first responders, and bringing home paychecks to their families. All of that deserves a heartfelt thank you and gratitude for a job well done.”

#OurTexasWay is a People Strategy Initiative Church’s Human Resources and Leadership teams planned to launch in mid-2020, but was fast-tracked to provide “essential workers” with additional recognition and support for the many ways employees live the authentic, caring, helpful spirit of the brand. “The new internal motto of #OurTexasWay encapsulates multiple activities and platforms for engaging employees and applauding their efforts. It also reinforces our Texas heritage and the feeling of community the Church’s brand has stood for since its earliest days,” offers Karen Viera, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer for Church’s. “People have always been the difference makers at Church’s Chicken. #OurTexasWay celebrates that through the employees and teams that are the true ambassadors of our brand,” said Pete Servold, EVP of Franchise and Company Operations.  

The first activity in the #OurTexasWay campaign kicks off the week of April 20th. Restaurant employees across the U.S. will receive hand-written thank-you notes from Christina, field-based leadership, and team members from the restaurant support center who are currently working remotely as simple but powerful gestures of kindness to let restaurant teams know just how much they are appreciated.   T- shirts with “I’m Essential” messaging, and posters in restaurants featuring a heartfelt message of support from the CEO on behalf of the entire brand will add a special touch to truly celebrate and honor their organizational values and brand character. On Thursday, April 23rd, all company restaurants will also receive a free pizza lunch for all employees in appreciation for their service and continuing efforts. The initiative is expected to feed approximately 2,600 Church’s employees nationwide.

On a larger, international scale, the #OurTexasWay campaign is connecting Church’s teams across its entire global network with commemorative postcards that were recently sent from Christina to all franchisees, key restaurant leaders, and management teams in the U.S. and 25 countries where the brand operates. A call to resilience and unity as well as encouragement to keep portraying the brand’s values sent the message that Church’s intends to fulfill its promise of being the Global Franchisor of Choice by doubling down on its commitment and support to its worldwide Church’s family. “Our teams are united and stronger than ever. Without a doubt, our team members are the heart and soul of what makes Church’s special,” explains Christina. “The #OurTexasWay campaign is a reminder that we recognize the contributions of our employees as well as the communities we serve.” 

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