Industry News | April 22, 2013

CIA President Increases Student Scholarships by $3.6M

Dr. Tim Ryan celebrated the college's accomplishments of the past year before more than 700 employees of the college's four campuses during The Culinary Institute of America's (CIA) annual State of the Institute address. Accomplishments included the graduation of 1,051 associate degree students and 381 bachelor's degree students from the college's education programs and importantly, the first graduations of 17 associate degree students from the CIA branch campus in San Antonio, and 33 bachelor's degree students from the branch campus in Singapore.

As part of the college's dedication to providing the world's best culinary degree programs, Dr. Ryan also announced that the CIA was taking bold new steps to make a professional culinary education more affordable for aspiring chefs.
"Today I am excited to announce that the CIA is taking a major step forward in our financial aid program for students, providing an additional $3.6 million of scholarships for them in the coming year," says Dr. Ryan. "I want to ensure that we continually deliver both educational excellence and superior value to our students, and these new scholarships deepen our support for their professional success."
The CIA offers need-based and merit-based scholarships to make its programs as affordable as possible for qualifying students. Recognizing the challenge that the economy presents to students, Dr. Ryan recently received approval from the college's board of trustees for this substantial advance in scholarship funding next year.
Unlike most culinary schools, the CIA is a true not-for-profit college and it has a strong history of providing aid to students through its expert financial aid department. On average, 90 percent of the college's students receive some form of financial aid, and many receive both need and merit aid. Importantly, most CIA aid is renewable and can provide valuable support to students over the life of their degree programs. In the college's next fiscal year, total scholarships for students are expected to be $23.5 million.

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