CiCi’s Pizza introduced the Rustic Pizza, a thin, rectangular, flat-bread crust topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Syracuse-style sausage. The new pie is cut into squares for serving and topped with CiCi’s Parmesan Oregano shake.

Having tested in several markets with positive feedback from guests, notably women, the new Rustic pizza joins 17 different signature pizzas on CiCi’s buffet line.

“If the Rustic was anymore Italian, we would have called it ‘Tony’ with its rich flavor and traditional Italian toppings,” says Kyle Smith, vice president of operations for CiCi’s. “This addition is about giving guests unique, craveable flavor, available exclusively at CiCi’s all for an unbelievable price. We are excited to expand the buffet variety which already features 17 different pizza choices, pasta, salad, and desserts—or simply create your own pizza of choice.”

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