Today CiCi’s Pizza launches two new online interactive games, Numberzerk and Kaplink, on the CiCi’s website at Both games are fun and educational for parents and their children to enjoy anytime and can be downloaded free of charge on both PC and Mac computers.

“CiCi’s Pizza strongly believes in the value of education, and we are committed to our local schools and we want to do whatever we can to help teachers and students,” said Craig Moore, president of CiCi’s Pizza. “Statistically, children who enjoy school become life-long learners, so we’ve provided kids with online games that are educational and structured, but fun so that they can keep learning at home.”

Numberzerk, the first of two interactive online games, drills kids on their math skills just in time for going back to school. The game is designed for all ages offering various levels of difficulty. The game lines up tiles in a grid system, with each tile featuring a number. Players are then asked to click on individual tiles to equal a sum displayed in a bubble in the top right hand corner. For example, if the player is told to add tiles to equal the number six, the player could click on tiles displaying the numbers four and two to eliminate those tiles from the grid. When a player clears the board of all the tiles, they advance to the next more difficult level.

“The United States is lagging behind many European countries in their math skills,” said Moore. “For CiCi’s, focusing on education and giving parents and teachers simple tools to help kids enhance their skills is one of our missions.”

Kaplink is the second of the two games and is a strategic game similar in theory to tic tac toe. Players can choose which skill level best suits
them–easy, medium, or difficult–and can play against a friend or against the computer. Each player is designated a color and they must get four of their pieces lined up in a row whether it is vertically, horizontally, or diagonal before their competitor.

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